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Anti-Spam Agent for Novell NetMail

The anti-spam agent included with NetMail only supports blocking email from particular domains. This is of course nearly worthless with the current volume of spam. Rather than "reinventing the wheel", this agent acts as a connector between NetMail and SpamAssassin. Both SpamAssassin and this agent are written in Perl, and should run on most of the platforms that NetMail runs on, though it does support running on a different server than NMAP as well. Due to bugs in Novell's implementation of Perl (as documented on the development notes page), NetWare is not currently a supported platform. If your NetMail server is running on NetWare you will have to run SpamAssassin on a different box and connect to NMAP over the network via the -i option.

The current implementation is a replacement for SpamAssassin's spamd. Simply copy it over spamd.raw in the SpamAssassin distribution before installing SpamAssassin. Note that version numbers for this agent are synced to SpamAssassin. For example, v2.64 of this agent is designed for use with SpamAssassin v2.64.

You can specify the IP address and port NMAP is running on using the -i and -p command line options. If not specified, it is assumed NetMail is running on the same box as SpamAssassin and on its default port. The new spamd will use this information to tell the NetMail server to send all new e-mail to it for spam checking. If SpamAssassin determines that the e-mail is spam, it is either deleted, or if the -f option is specified, the flag "X-Spam-Flag: YES" is added to the header. Information on configuring your clients to use this flag can be found here.

When upgrading the agent, installing SpamAssassin from a package, or adding the agent to an existing SpamAssassin install, you can copy the downloaded spamd.raw over the installed spamd with minor modifications. There are four lines at the top of each file that need to be copied over. These lines contain options that are normally substituted at 'make' time. They are located directly below the license. You will also need to flag the file as executable using "chmod +x" or similar.

SpamAssassin v2 is released under the Perl Artistic License. SpamAssassin v3 will change to the Apache Software License. To keep things simple, my versions of spamd, which use large parts of the original spamd, will be released under these same licenses.

If you find this agent useful, please rate it at Novell Cool Solutions.

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